Transitioning from high school into a college program that challenges perceptions, broadens horizons and nurtures intellectual discourse is a daunting endeavor. My job as an Educational Consultant is to assist and support the student in clarifying their values; more clearly define their interests and find a school or path that best suits them. Here are a few success stories: 

"Carolyn worked as our son's college counselor this year.  She was able to get him to truly understand what he wanted out of college and then find schools which fit him.  During the application process she helped him meet the many deadlines while honoring his need to navigate the numerous commitments high school seniors have.  She has the wonderful ability to truly be a coach; inspiring and lifting him up at times, yet provided the necessary kick in the backside when called for.  We have a second child who will be looking at college in 3 years, we will be enlisting Carolyn's services again then."

/// Jon A.

"Working with Carolyn has been a blessing during Leah’s senior year.  She stepped in and helped Leah decide which schools would be a good fit, juggle the application deadlines and fine tune essays.  I feel I was given the gift of enjoyable time with my daughter this winter and fall as I was removed from the college application process.  Carolyn is very knowledgeable about colleges and a great sounding board about everything that goes into deciding which colleges would be a good fit.  She was so patient walking us through the process and answering our many questions.  She is very passionate about what she does and it reflects in her work with the students." 

/// Denise I. 

"Working with Carolyn made the college application process so much less stressful and even pleasant for our entire family. Her body of knowledge, personalized advice and warm demeanor made each session a pleasure. Carolyn goes out of her way to find the real gems in higher education and from there culls the ones that will truly be a good fit for your child. My daughter felt confident that Carolyn steered her toward choices that were attainable and suitable because she really takes the time to listen and get to know her clients. Her work with my daughter on her essays was of particular values she simultaneously challenged her to reach deeper and just get it done! I can't recommend her highly enough and we will be starting the process again with our younger here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you."

/// Jessica S. 

"The challenge of helping our daughter select a college was daunting to say the least. Carolyn jumped right in and helped us channel her desires and goals into a unique field of schools that seemed to not only fit our daughter's personality, but met all her educational expectations. Carolyn's insight also helped to tailor the school selection by aligning the merit aid by each school by the opportunity our daughters academic record provided."

/// Eddie G. 

"I worked with Ms. Carolyn Francis throughout my college application process and it benefited me beyond my expectations.  At the beginning of my senior year, I wasn’t very confident with my college applications. I couldn’t narrow down my college choices and I didn’t have a clear understanding of how to set myself apart and highlight my unique and distinctive qualities. However, Carolyn not only helped me with choosing schools and essay writing, she made me think about what I wanted from my college experience.   Carolyn also helped me find out who I was and why I was unique. She suggested I utilize my international background and my distinctive experiences at a low-income public high school to stand out. Carolyn knew everything about college applications; her advice helped me submit outstanding applications to my dream schools. Throughout the process, I saw Carolyn as a great advisor and teacher, and also a thoughtful friend.  Now I’m reaping the benefits. I got into schools I never thought I would; I also received generous scholarship offers from many of my schools. I appreciate what Carolyn has done for me and I’m very glad to have her as my college counselor." 

/// Chenxi