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I will take your student on a journey that will allow him/her to find an academic, social and financial fit so they can become the human being you know is already inside waiting to be unleashed. 

I know you have questions and concerns.  I did.


Your family’s journey to college is like going down an unknown trail.  On the path, you rely on cairns, or trail markers, to guide you.  I will be your cairns, providing you with guidance from years of traveling the college application road.  I will help you find financial, social and academic fit.


You are worried about where they will get into.  Not every student is cut out for a selective college or university, but there are many schools out there that will give your student opportunities in research, internships and mentorship.  They are out there, and I know where to find them. 


How do we know if a school is a good social fit?  I spend a lot of time visiting campuses, talking with admissions people and students alike.  This helps me to guide your student to a place where they will feel like they are with their “people”. 


You are concerned about cost but don’t qualify for federal aid.  Where are the schools that give good merit money?  How do you find them?  This is my specialty.  I know which schools are generous with merit and will help you find the right financial fit.


You are nervous about COVID – 19 and what college will look like.  With the new landscape we find ourselves in, the college experience is changing before our eyes.  What does that look like and how will you know?  I can steer you through the new “normal” of college and answer your questions, which may include:  

  • What does test optional really mean? 

  • Should my student take advantage of a test optional policy? 

  • Who does this really apply to?  What does a hybrid program look like? 


My professional organizations provide me with a knowledge base that keeps me up on the latest information which I pass on to my families. 


I keep my class sizes intentionally small.  With no more than 10 students in each class, I am able to work closely with each student.  This allows me to get to know your student so I can find them just the right place. 

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