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Taking into consideration the unique qualities of each student, I provide in-depth, individualized college search and application services.  Whether looking at highly selective colleges and universities, or seeking out post-high school programs, I am distinctive in my ability to meet the needs of each family.   

Freshman and Sophomore year:

I look extensively at course work, summer plans/experiences, and extracurricular activities. I also provide targeted guidance for students motivated by a specific academic and/or career focus. 


Junior and Senior year:

I offer a comprehensive package of services that covers all aspects of the college admission process.  From resumé building, personalized research and development of an appropriate college list, essay writing, college visits/interviews and the application itself, we target our services directly to your student’s needs.   Hourly options are available as well.  

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Timeline creation for the college planning process

  • Student and parent intake questionnaires

  • Student interest assessment

  • Advisement on curriculum  and selection of high school courses

  • Assessment of extracurricular activities and summer work/activities

  • Understanding admissions procedures and the differences between Early Action, Single Choice Early Action, Early Admission, Early Decision, Rolling Admission, etc.

  • Standardized test plan  

  • Formulate a list of colleges to research and visit specifically targeted  to your student

  • College list balanced for low, medium and high chance of admissions

  • Interviewing skills for on-campus and alumni interviews

  • How to craft a great college essay: capture the audience, message vs. topic,  what personal traits are your student trying to convey to the reader

  • Guide student in creating a dynamic application  reflecting their unique character and talents

  • Provide direction on college essays and activity resumes

  • Work with International Students

  • Learning Differences consulting

  • Athletics and the arts consulting

  • Evaluating college acceptances 

  • Financial aid options and strategies

  • After commitment; facilitating the transition to college 

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