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Virtual Summer Programs

Many high school students look forward to spending part of their summer vacation engaged in academic study on a college campus. These enrichment programs have allowed students to dive deeply into an area of interest, to engage in research, or to study a subject not available through their high school. As an additional benefit, students have been able to try out life as a college student, practicing time management and living away from their home and family. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has lead to the closing of nearly all of these programs.

So what can you do with your summer now?

Many colleges have moved their summer offerings online. Although you’ll have to forgo living as a college student, you will be able to indulge your desire to learn something new. Check out individual college websites for virtual summer pro-grams if the suggestions below do not fit your needs. Many options are available through Brown, Cornell, Yale, Purdue, Georgetown, Washington University in St. Louis, Emory, Tufts, UCLA, USC, Notre Dame, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, The University of Rochester, Boston University along with many other colleges.

The Great Books Summer Program hopes to be open on campuses this summer but they are also proactively building Great Books Online—an innovative new way to bring students and professors together to discuss great literature. Students will be able to choose which program to attend. More information at

Online creative writing classes can be found at:

Concordia Language Villages hopes to run in-person programs in Minnesota starting July 27. It’s also offering week-long online programs for several foreign languages throughout the summer and online four-week high school credit pro-grams with 180 hours of instruction.

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