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Resources to Help You Continue to Grow

1. Read—this is a great time to read for pleasure. You’ll expand both your vocabulary and your brain. Consider such books as The Glass Castle, The Book Thief, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Handmaid’s Tale, 13 Reasons Why, The Kite Runner, The Outsiders, Looking for Alaska.

2. Binge on films on the American Film Institute’s top 100 list (

3. Take online classes from some of the best professors at top universities through the website Coursera (

4. Learn to speak a new foreign language. Babbel is offering 6-month subscription for $25. Access this at—get three months free when you sign up for a 3-month subscription.

5. Learn to code—check out or for a host of online coding classes.

6. Watch some TED talks – there are over 3300 talks that will stir your curiosity. (

7. Get started on that novel you always wanted to write. Enough said.

8. Video chat with extended family and friends. Social distancing does not mean isolation.

9. Use YouTube to learn a new skill. Hone your artistic abilities, learn to play an instrument, perfect your baking skills.

10. Learn to meditate—check out free meditation classes online.

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