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Notes on the Fly: Prescott College

*College campus tours are packed with information and always an amazing experience. On my blog, I share facts, information and images about the college/university that I write "on the fly" during my visits.*

Prescott College, Prescott Arizona Online is not for freshman. Should have one year of CC before coming into it. Orientation - community or wilderness based. 1 week off a classes, meet with advisor buy books, settle into life on campus. 3 week block. 350 students - house about 170. Fall semester - 3 regular classes Spring - block 3 weeks - one week off again, then start up semester and take 3 classes. Grades are optional, pass/fail or grades but either way they get a narrative evaluation. Accelerated masters program - first three years ungrad, 4th year will start on masters courses. Can take between 1-6 masters classes. Can be done in 4 years with masters, but recommend 5 years. 2 semesters are tuition free if they start as a freshman, if they transfer in 1 semester is free. 30 credits of undergrad counts towards the 1 free semester. Psychology and education - because they are easily transferable credits. Experiential learning is part of the program. Equine program in masters program, rock climbing, equine assisted learning and equine therapy. Partner with the VA and counseling centers and treatment centers. Internship and practicum hours are required for masters in counseling and education. Art therapy and adventure therapy - both certifications - can do online with 2 off site weeks. Independent study available to undergrad. Very experiential. Can design on their own with approval from professor. Have someone on staff who help students do the leg work for working within the park system and set up any outdoor study. Ideal student - independent thinker, outside of the box thinker, focused on what’s going on outside the class room. Non-traditional students, needs to be able to write and work within a classroom structure but not stuck in the classroom. Wants to work toward changing the world. Experiential and field-based education. Mix and match - cross pollination of ideas and and disciplines. Denver - Annie McGarry is the area rep. Kenya center - partnership with the Maasai. Help with environmental, cultural and regional issues. Live in the Maasai villages Costa Rica - conservation studies and environmental studies. Working with government on creating experiential learning centers. Host families Bahia de Kino - Mexico Cultural and ecological studies. Spanish immersion also. Host families All of the above are $1000 for the student. Tuition - $16,000 scholarship is what you get when you apply as a freshman. Every year for 4 years. B or better. That is half of tuition. Housing is $15K, tuition is $16. Health insurance is $6000 but covers the whole year. Liberal arts is available but help students figure out their education and path. Grad school - 25% direct into grad school, some take a few years off. About half the population.

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