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Notes on the Fly: University of North Carolina - Asheville

*College campus tours are packed with information and always an amazing experience. In my "notes on the fly" blog, I will be sharing facts about the college/university that I write "on the fly" during my visits.*

3800 students

Honor’s Program - not college. Apply to be in it, but no designated dorms No GPA cut of - new leadership coming but have a wholistic approach to admissions to this program. Looking for potential and diversity of life experience.

18% from out state - tops

No football, small Greek system. Division 1 athletics

Business management, environmental studies, psychology are top 3 sciences. Atmospheric sciences is a signature program - research or broadcasting. Mechatronic engineering - robotics. All other engineering programs are 2 + 2 with NC State. Try to get engineering and arts to work/collaborate on projects.

Music technology is another signature programs. This is music production - audio engineering. Moog synthesizer was designed here and is a part of the program. Production facility and museum in the city

Engaged, curious, progressive - UNCA typical student. Want to make a difference. Problem solving. Good moral compass, quirky

Often will read essays first! Wholistic review. Liberal arts school is popular. Public, liberal arts school with overlap from public’s to SLA. Moving toward a more selective admission process. Put an November 15 early decision model in place with a December 15th notification. EDII available. RD is done on a rolling basis. ED app’s get first crack at admission.

Undergraduate research is common, international students tend to be athletes. In state vs out of state no difference in tuition or merit.

Out door activities are popular. Biking and hiking are popular activities. Very diverse in kind of student. Look for students who are not like each other. Out of state students adds to the dialog on campus.

Price point is about half as it is a public school. Liberal arts and sciences curriculum - have resources because they are connected with other public schools. Core that all students take regardless of major.

30 undergraduate majors. Faculty are teaching across all disciplines. Faculty are engaged with students at all levels.

Financial aid

- will estimate financial aid packages for families prior to admission.

- no difference in financial aid packages between ED or RD - all students will get the best package available to them. End of February is when financial aid packages go out.

- highest scholarship is $5000.

- Need based is available - heavier on need than merit. Merit is based on GPA at college which means academic pressure on students. Do not want more students stressed based on money and academics.

- out of state financial aid

- individualized aid packages

Application review

- look at everything in support of a students application

- Selby and Richard McRae leadership award worth $10k. 4 available. 10K put aside for each student to get high impact experiences outside the classroom. Study abroad, internships what ever it is they want to do. Makes the impossible possible. Not directly tied to need and no preference for in state/out of state. Self nominate or counselor nomination.

LD support - several layers of support, tutoring, help is available in all subject matter. Professor/student engagement is high and they are an integral part of student success. Counseling services available

Try to work with students to identify crises and academic issues early on. Early academic alert system which enables support services to get triggered right away.

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