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Notes on the Fly: Georgia Tech

*College campus tours are packed with information and always an amazing experience. In my "notes on the fly" blog, I will be sharing facts about the college/university that I write "on the fly" during my visits.*

Georgia Tech, Atlanta Georgia

Shift in population. International students is about 33%.

Computer science, cyber security,- does offer remote learning.

Tech companies are moving to ATL and some directly across from GT.

What kind of kids thrive at GT?

- looking for kids who are curious, interested in looking around them and ask why are things the way the are. The key is they believe they have the ability to make a difference. Progress and moving things forward. Confidence you can do it, but the humility to know you have to collaborate.

- all about teams. Problem based learning.

- students are confident they know what the world needs. Professors guide and mentor to fine tune ideas so they can pitch ideas.

- need to be able to roll up your sleeves to get things done. Smart is good, but want to have students who are willing to partner, fail, and collaborate for solutions.

- essays are read by a variety of backgrounds. The skill to be able to translate a complicated subject into layman’s terms is a beneficial. Specificity is good, but what is the purpose. Can you articulate you point and succinctly

- do attempt to fill more obscure majors

- students need to be flexible in choice of major. Can they be competitive and contribute to a number of different disciplines

- If applying to to IR, not necessary to have physics on your transcript.

- 60% of students are from GA

- 30% are from out of state

- 10% are international

Transfer students - about 1000 transfer students. Can apply for summer, fall, spring. From all over the country. Out of state and internationals graduate at a faster rate.

Out of state non-EA applicants. How does this effect them? EA admit rate is 10% higher. GA kids apply EA with a higher admit rate. International students tend to apply RD. Not going to be a disadvantage.

Home school students- do they need additional information? Need to meet the same minimums as a mainstream student. Talented in the classroom but contributing outside the classroom. Home school students have more flexibility to use their time. Are you having an impact, how are you using your time. You want to convey that when you leave HS you will be missed!

How do they support LD students? Need to be able to advocate for themselves.

Freshman first year experience. Offer tutoring all week in the classroom for all freshman.

Retention rate is 97%. Unusually high rate. 19:1 ration prof to student. Higher level classes are smaller than entry level classes

What drives the low 4 year graduation rate? Do not encourage students to push through for a 4 year grad rate. Have options fo expand on their knowledge base..

GA is not need blind and don’s meet 100% of need.

IR and Public Policy are very popular majors in the school of arts and sciences. Communications are embedded within Liberal Arts.

Partner with Emory to do fly-ins for IEC’s.

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