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Notes on the Fly: Clemson University

*College campus tours are packed with information and always an amazing experience. In my "notes on the fly" blog, I will be sharing facts about the college/university that I write "on the fly" during my visits.*

Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

65% S. Carolina residence

35% out of state

1500 transfer students every year

More competitive for an out of state student

83% graduation rate 6 year

93% retention rate

SAT: 1240-1390

ACT: 27-21

29K apply

14900, accepted

3932 enrolled

Students are admitted by major. Can come in as undecided.

Direct admit Nursing (176), architecture, sports communication, communication, health sciences are more complicated for admission. Students can rarely change major into nursing. Students can change major to engineering with more ease

Rolling admission from August to May 1. Priority deadline December 1. Considered in first wave of decision. Will hear by first week of February. Most competitive time to get admitted.

Most likely on CA for 2020/2021

Chose 2 different majors - primary and second choice. If they are not admissible for the first 2 majors, they will ask them for a third option.

Honors College is a separate application. About 300-350 admitted to the honors college.

1500 SAT/33 ACT - top 6% of class

1500 person honors residential college

What has the student been doing? What are they writing about? The most successful are articulate about what they are doing.

Regression -

- high school performance

- test scores - bad test score may not get them to a yes

- rank - really use this within the context of your school

Every applicant gets a number. For every high school with 10 or less applicants gets a special look by 2 counselor.

For those that don’t rank, it withholds information from the school. Forces schools to make decisions

Don’t cap amount of students they take from a high school

Demonstrated interest does not factor in admission - for waitlist it can make a difference.

Summer program is for students who are right on the edge of admissibility. Complete 2 courses toward graduation during the summer term after which they transition int the fall term to continue their first year. Students live on campus, experience dedicated academic support services, and build relationships with peers, mentors, faculty, and staff.

Financial Aid

- academic merit scholarships - application must be on file by Dec. 1 so pelted by the end of December.

- Need asked aid - FAFSA should be filed by January 2


- 7 colleges, 80+ degree programs

- major research university with a small-college feel

- academic coaching and peer assisted learning through the academic success center

- 16:1 student to faculty ratio

Undergraduate research

- team-based investigations led by faculty mentors

- opportunities to present at regional and national conferences

- more than 1900 students participate in 700 projects annually

Core Curriculum

- start with courses in their major almost immediately

- 33% will be in core courses

Innovation with a Purpose

Research that changes lives

Investing in the community

Empowering future business leaders

Center for Career and Professional Development

- #1 in career services

- internship and mentoring opportunities

Diversity and inclusion

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