Notes on the Fly: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

February 7, 2020


*College campus tours are packed with information and always an amazing experience. On my blog, I share facts, information and images about the college/university that I write "on the fly" during my visits.*


Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University

Research for undergrads
Hands on and experiential
Avg class size is 25, 
Very collaborative, group projects are the norm

Aviation is off campus

College of aviation
College of engineering
College of arts and science - everything that's not engineering
College of business

Tutoring available

Good connections to industry ie Boeing, Raytheon

Gen Ed requirements: depends on major

Career services: specialized as students are specialized in industry
Internships are common - usually summer. Can get academic credit but have to do some papers and other academic work to get credit
Co-ops are 9 months along, just for engineers

Hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, Sedona is close by, clubs

3d printers and maker space

Air traffic control major

Every major has a study abroad - cost is extra

Student Union with grab and go, also full cafeteria

Less than 3000 students

Focus is on engineering more than flight, Daytona more flight oriented

Women get extra merit. All are Automatically considered for merit when apply

Differences between campuses: 
Flight is the same between campuses, Prescott can be more cost efficient.
Prescott is known aerospace engineering, and only campus with a jet propulsion lab for undergrads. Students are doing hands on work from the beginning.
Aerospace physiology - pre med - looking at this the body responds to space
Green car development - green garage
Aviation maintenance
Biomedical engineering
National security and intelligence
Forensic biology, psychology, accounting. FBI internships and drop min age for FBI. For psych she could do 2 capstone project with incarcerated youth. 
Industrial organizational psychology
Human factors psychology - looking at the effects of technology on humans

Space physics - researching at Los Alamos.  Through this internship 2 students and 3 students won the Nobel prize in science

Math and science but test optional!  Overrall GPA.

Tuition: $50k
Merit - based off of GPA, women get extra $5K
Tina will take any supporting documents


Rolling admission - prior to March is best


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