I understand the stress of when a child doesn’t test well or is not in the top 10% of their class, because mine weren’t.  I understand the anxiety of "will my child find a school where they will thrive and become the great human I know they are".  I have lived all of this and want to share my understanding of the college application process with you to ease your mind.  I will take your student on a journey that will allow him/her to find an academic, social and financial fit so they can become the human being you know is already inside waiting to be unleashed.  I know this because my children did.


My job as a consultant takes me to college campuses all across the US and the world.  Through conversations with admissions counselors and students, I have intimate knowledge of schools most families haven’t ever heard of.  But they are out there, and they are doing a wonderful job of educating those students that desire a unique set of tools.


There are many decisions ahead.  College admissions has become a complicated process, and it can be intimidating without help.  But when the acceptance letter arrives from your child’s dream school, it’s a truly magical moment.